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Aesthetician | Faith it | Mother

Hi, Im Merryll Christine! I am your girl that refuses to settle.

Some may know me from doing lash extensions, the owner of Lash Room Aesthetics and Faith It apparael. 

And even with all of that I have going on, I am a single mother, managing business and on the path of my purpose in life. As you can see I am like you on the journey of fulfilling my purpose!

I am a aesthetician, beauty educator, entreprenuer and a podcast co- host. Some may say im a motivator, I would say that I am living my life on purpose without giving up and I encourage everyone around me to do the same.

In 2020 I launched Faith It, and its funny because I NEVER imagined of having a apparael line. Faith It came along during a time in my life where my faith was truly tested. So many things turned on me that I thought was for me and it seemed to be so many cloudy days.​ Have you ever in your life felt like you didnt know where to go?  what was next or how it was going to happen? Thats where Faith had to step in. I started telling myself to Faith It , I put it on a sweatshirt as a daily reminder, and it caught the eyes of people. And there you have it, Faith It was born.


Due to the Faith I walk with everyday, my aesthetics career has been a focus to provide " luxury self care necessities" I want people to love the skin they're in and Lash Room Aesthetics has added a skin care line and additional services catering to your self care. 


I want to continue to share with you my journey in faith, share stories with you that may help you overcome any fear, and keep you informed on whats next. subscribe to the site and keep a look out on blogs and whats to come.


- Merryll Christine