Merryll Christine is a woman who chooses to live fearlessly and in faith. After many failed attempts of doing things her own way, decided to move out of her own way, removing those old habits, making peace with her past and allowing God to form the things needed for her life. Always being her unique authentic self, Merryll is not allowing boundaries to stop her!

" I decided to move out my own way, I tried to blame others but in reality

I was the only one blocking my own blessings, so now I'm just out here Faithing it" 

Merryll said. 

Feeling like she should've had it all together by the time she reached her 30's. By putting a time frame on herself and events that she believed should have taken place, put her in a low place in life when they were not accomplished. In that dark place of insecurities, single parenting, depression, weak reflection of self  and isolating herself from the world is where the light shined through. Leaving her the choice of either settling or Faith it out. Merryll took head-on the valuable lessons and applied them to her future. 

" I'm out here reminding myself in every situation FAITH IT" - Merryll Christine

Trusting the process from those weak moments has allowed her to evolve into a powerful woman, mother, and businesswoman. Using the tools of discipline, dedication and spiritual growth. Using her experiences and insight is the way she has chosen to reach people being a living example on how faith can bring one to become the best version of themselves.