March 15, 2016

 The biggest concern that Lashionistas have about their minks are the shedding. No need to worry, lash is in session. Every part of your hair on the body goes through different growth cycles. The different growth cycles are anagen, categen, and telogen.



This is the active growth stage. Only 40% of the top and 15% of the lower lashes can grow at this time. The active growing period can last up to 45 days. They grow to a certain length and then go into the next phase.



This is the transitional stage. During this time, lashes stop growing which can occur for about three weeks. The hair follicles starts to shrinks and any hair that comes out will not grow back until the follicles completely get finish with this phase.



This is the resting period that could last up to at least 100 days, before your lashes fall out and new ones start to grow. Each lash goes through different phases, which is why some fall out. It could take up to 8 weeks for an eyelash to be replaced with a new one. 


Suggestions for Eyelash Growth

Lashes that are damage can be repaired. Taking supplements, eating nutritious foods, using eyelash conditioners, and natural oils like castor can help them to grow longer and look fuller. Although these ideas can help, it does come with patience. As you wait to see results, you may want to consider in investing into your lashes by getting the MINKS extensions. Considering this, you can still get the natural look and have healthy lashes.


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