Lets talk lashing....

Training is one of my favorite things to do. I get a thrill seeing my students grasp the concept of lashing. I promise to guide them every step of the way to ensure that they feel confident when leaving training. I have many students that have went on and excel and made careers and get to their OWN money!

So What Do You get ?

For one you get to train with ME lol, no but forreal you get to train with a licensed professional! I will make sure that you receive the knowledge of eye anatomy, eye disorders, lash isolation, safety and sanitation, mapping, applicaton, refills, consultation, lash removal, after care completion of certification. Also Each training is fun enteractive.

1 on 1 vs Group training?

So what do i prefer? I prefer whats best for the individual of course. The real question is what do YOU prefer? are you someone that is a fast learner, or are you someone that desires more one on one attention? Then you can decide which class is better for you! 1 on 1 is a custom class, going at the students pace, and and group session is a slight more fast paced all while making sure each student understands lashing.

And our newest way to train is ONLINE! With all that we have going on in the world COVID-19.... We understand that virtual learning maybe the best option for many. And you will still receive everything as 1 on 1 and group training. The only difference is the computer screen between us.

I know you are probably like get on with it and lets talk money!

Train with me! you can book online

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